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A container for medication has four compartments, each of which may store medication. An electrical signaling system emits take-medication signals from time to time, each of which said signals indicates (a) that medication should be taken, (b) from which compartment the medication should be taken, (c) the quantity of medication to be taken from the designated compartment, and instructions for taking the medication. If a designated compartment is not promptly opened and closed, the electrical signaling system will sound an alarm. If each designated compartment is opened and closed, the take-medication signal and the alarm (if operating) are turned off. A "night" switch is associated with each compartment and when manually operated turns off the signaling system for such compartment; however, the signaling system is automatically reactivated the next morning. A reload signal is given once a week, as a reminder to reload the compartments with medication.

Apparatus for alerting a patient to take medication
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July 6, 1984
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August 30, 1988
Albert L Hedrich
6804 Wemberly Way, McLean, 22101
Bruce A Kehr
9429 Holbrook La., Potomac, 20854
Hall Myers & Rose
B65D 83/04
G04B 47/00
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