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A method of inversion spin echo magnetic resonance imaging includes providing a specimen positioned within a main magnetic field, a source of RF signals, a receiver for receiving signals emitted from the specimen responsive to the RF pulses and emitting responsive output signals, a computer for receiving the output signals from the receiver and establishing image information related thereto and a visual display for displaying images obtained from the image information. During an initial echo period, imposing three pulses on the main magnetic field with the first and third pulses having a first value and the second pulse having a second value which may be approximately double the first value, creating an echo with the second pulse and the third pulse converting this echo into negative longitudinal magnetization. After an inversion period during a second echo period imposing fourth and fifth RF pulses in the same sequence and generally of magnitude as the first and second pulses, respectively, creating a spin echo with the fifth pulse and response to said spin echo emitting output information from the receiver means to the computer with the computer establishing image information which is delivered to the visual display. The apparatus provides magnetic field generation apparatus to provide a main magnetic field on a specimen and RF signal generating apparatus for emitting pulsed RF signals in order to establish predetermined pulse sequences and magnitudes with the resultant receiver and computer serving to convert the same into image information for visual display.

Driven inversion spin echo magnetic resonance imaging
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August 12, 1987
Publication Date
August 23, 1988
Robert M Kessler
Thomas E Conturo
Arnold B Silverman
Vanderbilt University
G01R 33/20
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