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A well pipe handling machine including a vertically extending column structure which carries means for engaging and holding a pipe in vertical condition and is movable with the pipe holding means between a first position in which a carried pipe can be connected to and disconnected from the upper end of a drill string and a laterally offset second position for storing pipe in a rack at a side of the well. The pipe holding means may include a parallelogram mechanism having two arms carrying two vertically spaced pipe holding units and adapted to swing in unison to move the units toward and away from the column structure. The column desirably also carries pipe rotating means including a torque wrench and a spinner for making and breaking a threaded connection between a section of pipe and the string. The spinner is mounted for shifting movement upwardly and downwardly relative to the pipe holding means, and preferably is positioned at the lower end of an operator's cab which is also carried by the support column structure for movement therewith between its different positions. The torque wrench may be located beneath the spinner at the lower end of the control station, and is movable upwardly and downwardly with the spinner and cab relative to the pipe holding means.

Apparatus for handling well pipe
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August 21, 1986
Publication Date
August 23, 1988
George I Boyadjieff
William P Green
Varco International
E21B 19/20
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