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A delivery system for intracavitational brachytherapy comprising a body of material which is absorbable in animal tissue and a plurality of radioactive seeds within the body and encapsulated in the body. In one form, the body comprises a hollow exterior wall with a separate central chamber such that the hollow exterior wall will accommodate growth of body tissue such as brain tissue. In another form, the body comprises a solid hollow body having the seeds held in the center of the body that can be inserted in the cavity to be treated. In another form, a flat sheet is attached tangentially to the hollow exterior wall to facilitate placement over the brain.

Intracavitational brachytherapy
Application Number
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April 7, 1986
Publication Date
August 16, 1988
Bruce S Horowitz
33822 Yorkridge, Farmington Hills, 48018
Robert C Kain Jr
A61K 9/22
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