04763284 is referenced by 153 patents and cites 14 patents.

An improved reaction time and force feedback system including a first portable housing for placement on the limb of a sporting participant for detecting the time and magnitude of force incurred by the limb during a sporting activity. A second portable housing is located on the body of the participant and receives signals proportional to the magnitude of force and time from the first portable housing in order to transmit the magnitude and time information to a remote location. At the remote location is located a central control which is capable of receiving the transmitted information and displaying that information.

Reaction time and force feedback system
Application Number
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February 20, 1986
Publication Date
August 9, 1988
John A Carlin
1795 S. St. Paul, Denver, 80210
Dorr Carson Sloan & Peterson
G08B 23/00
G01D 9/00
A63B 69/00
G01M 7/00
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