04760547 is referenced by 90 patents and cites 18 patents.

A remote controlled multi-station irrigation system in which discrete radio signals are transmitted from a remote location for each different function to be performed. The system includes a controller with a central processor, individual station actuator circuits, and interface circuitry; a transmitter which preferably transmits in an FM dual tone multi-frequency format, and a receiver which decodes the transmitted signal to hexadecimal data. The controller is automatically converted from a local to a remote operating mode by the insertion of a connecting cable from the receiver. The controller can be operated in real time or programmed for future operation from a remote location. The receiver can also be adapted for conventional controllers by adding field actuator circuitry which is connected directly to the field wires, bypassing the controller during remote operation.

Remote controlled multi-station irrigation system with DTMF transmitter
Application Number
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Application Date
September 24, 1985
Publication Date
July 26, 1988
Jonathan W Duxbury
3673 Citronella, Simi Valley, 93063
Koppel & Jacobs
G05D 7/06
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