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An electronic system for playing a card game of poker is disclosed which permits interactive wagering among a plurality of players. The system incorporates a central processing unit and a plurality of individual player consoles, each having a display device and an input device. The display shows each player his own hand as well as any "up" cards of other players. Each console contains an input device to enable each player to respond to game conditions and to transmit wagering data to the central processing unit. The central processing unit enables all players to make substantially simultaneous responses to a set of wagers of any plurality of players.

System for interactively playing poker with a plurality of players
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June 5, 1986
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July 26, 1988
Joseph D H Sidley
7210 Park Terr. Dr., Alexandria, 22307
Bacon & Thomas
A63F 9/22
A63F 1/48
G06F 15/44
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