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The present invention provides a system of instruments for shaping the distal femur and proximal tibia surfaces to receive components of a knee prosthesis for knee replacement surgery. The system references the femur intramedullary channel with a femoral alignment guide to prepare the distal femur that, in turn, is a reference for several cutting guides for sequential attachment to the femoral alignment guide and prepared bone surfaces whereby the prepared distal femur is prepared to a flat surface that is perpendicular to the patient's mechanical axis with bone surfaces adjacent thereto sectioned to surfaces that are at right angles to that distal femur surface with chamfers therebetween to receive the femur component of a knee prosthesis. A tibial cutting guide is provided for preparing the proximal tibia that consists of a sleeve, with a tube telescoped therein, the ends thereof including pin arrangements for connecting them into the tibia, between the ankle and near the proximal tibia, an open tube end of the tibial cutting guide to receive a rod telescoped therein that mounts a cutting guide platform and includes a screw arrangement for releasably maintaining the rod and tube together. The cutting guide platform includes a body with a saw guide slot formed therethrough to receive a saw blade to cut across the proximal tibia to form a surface for accommodating a tibial component of the knee prosthesis, the cutting guide platform body further including an arrangement for securing it to the tibia, slightly below the proximal tibia, and a tibial resection guide for setting a depth of cut across the proximal tibia.

Instruments for shaping distal femoral and proximal tibial surfaces
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October 17, 1986
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July 26, 1988
Kim C Bertin
666 Northcliffe Cir., Salt Lake City, 84103
Harold K Dunn
1231 Chandler Cir., Salt Lake City, 84103
M Reid Russell
A61F 5/04
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