04759089 is referenced by 52 patents and cites 25 patents.

A theraputic pillow to support the head and neck of a user in a substantially horizontal resting position and particularly designed to relieve muscular pressure between the head and upper portion of the cervical spine, including a cradle element defined by a pair of lobes adapted to support the head of a user when placed in the cradle element, whereby the cradle element generally tapers downward from a rear portion of the pillow to a front portion of the pillow to hold the head in a position whereby the chin of the user is positioned towards the chest to relieve muscular tension between the head and neck of the user.

Cervical pillow
Application Number
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Application Date
April 28, 1987
Publication Date
July 26, 1988
Theodore A Fox
1170 Oak St., Winnetka, 60093
Laff Whitesel Conte & Saret
A47C 20/02
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