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A fast response, tubeless vacuum aspiration collection cassette includes large and small containers defined within a cassette housing adapted to be removably secured to a surgical aspiration machine. A first wall of the cassette housing abutting the machine includes connectors thereto to provide a controlled variable vacuum level to the small container, and a fixed vacuum level to the large container. Valves formed in the first wall are interconnected by flow channels therein extending to the containers, each valve having an actuating stem extending from the wall to be actuated selectively by the machine. A second wall opposed to the first wall includes a connector extending to a surgical probe or cutting instrument. The channels and valves are arranged so that when the containers are isolated by a first valve, the controlled vacuum level may be applied to the surgical probe through a second valve connecting it to the small ontainer volume. Whenever the controlled vacuum is shut off to the probe by the second valve, the first valve is opened to permit the fixed vacuum in the larger container to be applied to the smaller container to transfer aspirant fluid therein to the larger container. The cassette also can have a fluid infusion input and output. Flow channels and a valve in the first wall of the cassette housing can control flow of infusion fluid from an infusion fluid source to an infusion fluid tool.

Fast response tubeless vacuum aspiration collection cassette
Application Number
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August 6, 1987
Publication Date
July 19, 1988
William T George
Leif J Sundblom
Castro Valley
Zarley McKee Thomte Voorhees & Sease
Alcon Laboratories
A61M 1/00
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