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This windmill provides low cost energy out of the wind in the form of compressed air, etc, by maximizing wind-contact at the least cost of construction and maintenance, at the least cost of project site--making the "Output/Cost Ratio" very high. This is done by making the sails very large using light fabrics with aluminum or bamboo frames forming a square face, supported by light strong ropes; by arranging the sails on a single file close to one after the other at erect posture free to clip to the right or to the left, forming a long procession line transverse to the wind which is in close loop with another long procession line parallel to it but moving to the opposite direction, to produce a very large windmill without the need of additional set up units of windmills; by carrying said large sails high above the ground for better wind-contact thru a two level Aerial Cable Railway by means of a deep-groove roller wheel attached to the top end and to the bottom end of each sail-mast; by separating said two parallel lines of sails at least 100 feet apart for better wind-contact thru the use of set of three Terminal Gear Wheels at a Half-Hexagonal formation that hold the end loops of the Power Cable Chain being tugged by each sail; by making the windmill work during strong winds and storing the energy in compressed air tunnels, elevated water.

United sail windmill
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July 19, 1984
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July 12, 1988
Gaudencio A Labrador
1312 Leaf Ter., San Diego, 92114
F03D 5/04
F03D 5/02
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