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Method and apparatus is disclosed for selectively disallowing and allowing the extension of a call originated by a calling customer through a toll telecommunications network when the billing number involved with the call has a predetermined billing status such as delinquent payment. The toll network includes a toll office for switching calls between local telephone networks. The toll network also includes a data base having a list of delinquent payment billing numbers. In response to a call originated by a calling customer, the toll office sends the billing number involved with the call received from the local network to the data base. When the billing number involved with the call is in a list of billing numbers having a delinquent payment status, a "deny call" reply message is returned to the toll office to disallow the extension of the call through the toll network. The toll office also announces to the calling customer the disallowance of the call to discourage further attempts through the network. The toll office may include or utilize a remotely located operator system to process calls by offering calling customers alternate billing arrangements when the call is disallowed. A "call allow" reply message from the data base is returned to the operator system to process an operator assisted call.

Method and apparatus for disallowing the extension of a call through a network
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November 2, 1987
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July 5, 1988
Joseph V Fodale
Richard J Godlewski
American Telephone and Telegraph Company AT&T Bell Laboratories
H04M 3/38
H04M 1/66
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