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A security and control system for use in a home or building which utilizes a coded audio link between the entry detectors/transmitters and the relay modules, and a digital pulse coded power line communication ("PLC") link between the relay modules and the system controller as well as between the system controller and the various remotely located slave units which control the energization of lamps, appliances, and alarms. The relay modules and controller include constant false alarm rate ("CFAR") receivers for isolating the coded audio signal from background noise and unique exclusion circuitry for decoding the isolated signal. The PLC messages are generated by impressing a pulse code modulated high frequency carrier signal onto the AC line at selected points in the AC waveform. The location of each carrier frequency pulse relative to the 60 Hz AC line cycle determines the digital value of the pulse. Both before and during a PLC message transmission, the controller and relay modules are adapted to check the status of the AC power line for the presence of intelligence or excessive noise levels and delay transmission if either condition is detected. In the security mode, the system has three major states: INSTANT-ARM, ARM-DELAY, and DISARM. In the INSTANT-ARM state, the system responds immediately to the detection of an intrusion event. In the ARM-DELAY state, a 40-second delay is implemented before alarm action is taken to permit an authorized entrant to DISARM the system. Significantly, the 40-second delay is implemented by each of the remotely located slave modules so that destruction of the controller by an intruder within the 40-second period will not defeat the system.

Security control system
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August 24, 1987
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July 5, 1988
Blazo A Mitasev
San Jose
Donald E Pezzolo
Los Altos Hills
Harness Dickey & Pierce
Black & Decker
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G08B 1/08
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