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An integrated cargo transportation security system is provided for a fleet of enclosed cargo transportation containers. Each container includes a subsystem including a door sensor for sensing access door opening and closure, a module unit including a connecting frame for a removable module and cabling leading to the door sensor. The identically appearing removable modules are configurable as active and passive. Each locks into the unit. The system includes a central data collection and processing facility for processing cargo trip data collected by at least one active module during a cargo trip of the container into a roadmap indicating travel route of the container during the trip and the time and location of significant event such as unauthorized opening of the cargo door. The module unit having an active module includes a self contained power supply, a location detector for detecting present location of said container, a clock, a central processor for generating a sequence of status numbers indicative of accumulated location, time and door status, and a memory for storing the sequence during the trip. The system further includes means for transferring the status number sequence to the central data collection and processing facility. A radio link may be provided to connect the container module to the central data facility in real time, and may be operated by authorized personnel at the container to signal predetermined conditions to the central facility.

Integrated cargo security system
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July 2, 1987
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June 7, 1988
Marwan Hannon
956 Foothill Dr., Colma, 94015
Mark L Denekamp
1779 Sweetwood Dr., Colma, 94015
David B Harrison
H01Q 7/01
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