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In accordance with the method of the present invention, a local subscriber defines its own filter sets and/or local templates which are used to create new updateable local trading instrument displayable data records from a common remotely transmitted data stream of trading instrument data records, which are user created reconstituted data records different from the transmitted trading instrument data records. A common one of the defined filter sets and/or local templates may be used for a plurality of different data records having a common desired set of information categories. The transmitted data may be in a logical data format or a page display format, in which instance it is converted to a logical data format. The local template is used to convert page display data to logical data and may be repetitively used on different display rows of a given page display and/or on different page displays to provide a plurality of receiver defined locally created trading instrument display records so that only the information desired by the local subscriber is displayed on his screen as user defined local trading instruments.

Method for dynamically creating a receiver definable local trading instrument displayable record from a remotely transmitted trading instrument common data stream
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May 1, 1986
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June 7, 1988
Shelly Boilen
Stiefel Gross & Kurland
G09G 3/02
G06F 3/14
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