04749011 is referenced by 89 patents and cites 19 patents.

A device for use with a flexible bag in order to hold the bag open for facilitating access to the interior thereof, and comprising a body having a normal substantially flat planar configuration and sufficiently flexible for responding to pressure thereagainst for deforming into a substantially cylindrical configuration, one cylindrical configuration thereof being of a diametric size smaller than the diametric size of the bag for facilitating insertion of the body into the interior of the bag, and the body having sufficient memory characteristics for springing radially outwardly from the one cylindrical configuration for restriction by the sidewall of the bag whereby the bag is retained in a fully open position, the body being responsive to the release of pressure thereagainst for returning to the normal flat planar configuration thereof.

Flexible bag holder
Application Number
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Application Date
December 24, 1986
Publication Date
June 7, 1988
Nicholas M Rylander
4501 E. 45 St., Tulsa, 74135
Head & Johnson
B65B 67/00
B65B 39/02
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