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An optical effect is produced in cooperation with the normal use of an article of manufacture, e.g., a toy such as a frisbee or a ball, or an article of clothing, such as a shoe, by mounting on the article a piezoelectric element for generating electrical energy in response to movement of the article and an optical effect device, such as a neon bulb, gas plasma, liquid crystal, or electroluminescent device, electrically connected to and energized by the element in response to such movement. In one embodiment, the element and device each comprises a thin, layer-like structure, the element and device structures being laminated or attached together.

Novel uses of piezoelectric materials for creating optical effects
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September 2, 1986
Publication Date
May 31, 1988
George W Taylor
305 Dodds La., Princeton, 08540
Michael Y Epstein
H01L 41/08
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