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The apparatus for separating folded and perforated or creased endless or reel papers, which form an uninterrupted stack, comprises a conveyor belt 9 conveying the same to a separating station, in order to permit an automatic separation of the stack into individual stacks 7a with a predetermined number of paper sheets. For this purpose, a separating sword 2 is moved preferably from below between the sheets of the stack, so that a stack 7a is formed with the desired number of individual sheets. The small cavity 10 running in the longitudinal direction and formed by the separating sword 2 is used for receiving a knife 4, which is moved at right angles over the stack, in order to separate the same at a perforation or fold. Pivotable removal bolts 1 are used for conveying away the separated stack 7a and for transfer to a second conveyor belt 5. The removal bolts 1 are then moved back into the starting position, so that the separating sword 2 can be extended out of the conveying area of the stack and a new separating process can be carried out. This permits an automatic separation into small stacks with predetermined numbers at virtually any random point.

Apparatus for separating folded perforated reel papers
Application Number
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October 7, 1987
Publication Date
May 31, 1988
Jorg Detlef Beyer
Ortsteil Eichede
Thomas S Baker Jr
Riensch & Held
B26F 3/00
B61H 41/00
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