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A method for resisting corrosion while conducting a flow of hot corrosive geothermal fluid, particularly brine, comprises flowing the fluid through fluid flow conducting elements, such as production pipe and fittings formed from a metastable beta titanium-base alloy. Preferably the element is formed of a beta and alpha titanium-base alloy formed by heating a particular composition to form a metastable beta titanium matrix and then heat treating the matrix to increase the tensile strength of the matrix by at least about 10,000 psi with a total minimum ultimate tensile strength being about 170,000 psi. The particular composition is comprised essentially of between about 2 and about 10 weight percent of one or more beta eutectoid elements selected from the group consisting of iron, manganese, chromium and cobalt, with weight percentage limits in each such individual element being respectively about 5, about 5.5, about 9 and about 4. The composition also includes about 4 to about 10 weight percent of vanadium, between about 3 to about 6 weight percent of molybdenum, about 2 to about 5 weight percent of aluminum with the remainder of the alloy being titanium. Metastable beta titanium-base alloys comprised of various weight percentage ranges of aluminum, vanadium, chromium, molybdenum and zirconium are also useful in constructing such flow elements.

Method for resisting corrosion in geothermal fluid handling systems
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April 12, 1985
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May 24, 1988
Carl J Cron
William W Love
La Habra Heights
D Sandford
G F Wirzbicki
Howard R Lambert
Union Oil Company of California
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E21B 43/00
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