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A method is described of measuring the state of discharge of a battery, i.e. the ratio between the supplied capacity and the nominal capacity.

The method consists in measuring a first internal impedance of the battery at a first frequency and a second internal impedance of the battery at a second frequency, then in determining the argument of the difference between the internal impedances, the resulting argument being representative of the state of discharge of the battery.

The method can be used to advantage to check in a rapid, accurate and non-destructive way whether batteries to be used in portable appliances, e.g. electronic watches, are in good working order before being fitted into the appliances.

Method of and apparatus for measuring the state of discharge of a battery
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November 3, 1986
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May 10, 1988
Claude Eric Leuenberger
Grand Chezard 5, 2054 Chezard
Fredy Zuellig
Saint-Germain 2, 2800-Delemont
Jean Paul Randin
Potat-Dessus 13, 2016-Cortaillod
G01N 27/46
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