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The invention relates to a novel fertilizer and method wherein a complex humic acid fertilizer is formed a mix of a select organic material, water, and measured amounts of major inorganic elements of nitrogen, phosphate, potash and sulfur. The constituents mixed in a sealed reactor system with a first material, usually an acid, are hydrolyzed by a drastic pH change, raising the mix temperature and pressure, and the mix is subsequently blended with a second material of an opposite pH to the first material, usually a base, reacting with the mix to provide a further temperature and pressure increase, to alter the pH to that of the finished fertilizer, which humic acid fertilizer is then dried and granulated or liquefied to a pumpable slurry.

Fertilizer and method
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August 19, 1986
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May 10, 1988
Elmo C Robinson
P.O. Box 27, Paragonah, 84760
M Reid Russell
C05F 13/00
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