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A method and apparatus for anchoring and manipulating cartilage within a joint during arthroscopic surgery by piercing the cartilage with a hollow needle, in the tip of which is lodged an elongate anchoring device having a suture attached thereto. The free end of the suture passes through the bore of a hollow tube, positioned within the hollow needle behind the anchoring device, and the tube is used to push the anchoring device out of the needle tip behind the cartilage to be anchored, the anchoring device lodging in or beyond the cartilage at a non-parallel angle to the suture and thereby anchoring the suture to the cartilage. The needle and tube may be withdrawn and the cartilage manipulated by appropriate tension on the suture. In one embodiment the anchoring device may be held in the tip of the hollow needle in a deformed condition from which it resiliently resumes its usual elongate shape upon expulsion from the hollow needle. A related anchoring device for anchoring a suture to bone tissue includes barbs on its surface. A retainer is easily slidable in one direction along the suture but resists movement along the suture in the opposite direction, to hold tissue permanently in place.

Method and apparatus for anchoring and manipulating cartilage
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April 4, 1986
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May 3, 1988
John O Hayhurst
14751 SE. Wanda Dr., Milwaukie, 97222
Stoel Rives Boley Jones & Grey
A61F 5/04
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