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An apparatus for producing a hard copy of a color picture includes a cathode ray tube for displaying a picture component on a screen thereof upon reception of a video signal which is associated with a separated-color component, and a recorder which includes a plurality of separated-color filters to expose a recording medium to the picture component being displayed on the screen through any of the filters. The recorder exposes the recording medium to picture components of individual separated colors by additive color photography to record a color picture. A photodetector is provided for measuring brightness of the screen through any one of the filters while a controller controls the cathode ray tube and the photodetector. The controller, before recording the picture components of the individual separated-color components on the recording medium, adjust at least one of luminance and contrast of the tube and an exposure time of the recording medium, based on the brightness measured.

Method of and apparatus for producing hard copy of color picture adaptive to variations in characteristics of fluorescent screen of recorder CRT
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September 25, 1986
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April 26, 1988
Azuchi Endo
Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch
Fuji Photo Film
G03B 27/80
G03B 27/72
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