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In a compound archery bow having composite bowstring and take-up string cam pulleys carried by the tip portions of bow limbs extending oppositely substantially symmetrically from a handle with the bowstring connecting the composite cam pulleys and take-up strings extending from each composite pulley to the opposite bow limb, each composite cam pulley is composed of a generally elliptical bowstring pulley section having a major axis passing through its portions of substantially greatest length and a generally elliptical take-up string pulley section having a major axis passing through its portion of substantially greatest length, which pulley sections are integrated in parallel side-by-side relationship with planes containing their major axes substantially perpendicularly intersecting. The effective bowstring lever arm of the bowstring pulley section is small and substantially constant during increase of the draw force to at least 90 percent of the maximum draw force while the bowstring nocking point is displaced less than 40 percent of the total displacement during draw and the bowstring lever arm then increases substantially linearly while the draw force remains at a substantially constant maximum value over at least a third of the total bowstring nocking point displacement during draw of the bowstring. The ratio of bowstring draw arm to take-up string draw arm is substantially constant during the draw force increasing phase of the draw.

High energy limb tip cam pulley archery bow
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November 1, 1982
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April 26, 1988
David J Nurney
12213 Densmore Ave. N., Seattle, 98133
Ward Brown
Robert W Beach
F41B 5/00
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