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Projection display systems implemented with illumination amplifiers, such as liquid crystal devices, are provided. High intensity illumination is used to provide a high intensity large screen display. Heat transfer devices are used for removal of heat, which is caused by the high intensity illumination, from the illumination amplifier. The illumination amplifiers can be implemented in either transmissive or reflective modes. In a reflective mode, illumination is reflected from a front side and heat is removed from a back side of the illumination amplifier. Color is provided, such as generating multiple channels of different color images and projecting the different color images to generate a multi-colored image. Various system configurations are provided; such as a high intensity projection liquid crystal television system, a scoreboard display system, and a billboard display system.

Projection display system
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September 27, 1982
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April 19, 1988
Gilbert P Hyatt
P.O. Box 4584, Anaheim, 92803
Gilbert P Hyatt
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