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A support for patient monitoring equipment is provided by a vertical column suspended from a ceiling by a carriage assembly mounted for transverse movement on roller assemblies along a pair of parallel ceiling-mounted tracks. The column is stabilized by the roller assemblies which include rollers bearing on the track flanges as well as rollers disposed beneath the tracks effectively preventing rocking movement of the column. In the preferred embodiment, a rotatable sleeve is disposed on the vertical column for mounting of an infusion pump and permits rotation of the pump to any desired facing position. A telescoping tube within the column is selectively positionable between upper and lower positions and carries IV bottle mounting arms on its upper end. The arms may be lowered for attachment and removal of the bottles and raised and locked at an elevated operating position.

Ceiling support for patient monitoring equipment
Application Number
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Application Date
June 6, 1986
Publication Date
April 19, 1988
Wallace H Desjardins
352 Lake Blvd., Lindenwold, 08021
Richard D Weber
Alexis Barron
A47F 5/08
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