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A connector for attaching a Bowden-wire cable assembly to a vehicle accelerator pedal mounting lever has a closed end needle-like or teardrop shaped nose portion closely hugging the cable assembly with only minimal clearance between to allow movement of the cable relative to the assembly, the outer periphery gradually increasing in radius to slowly blend to the diameter of a circumferential groove in the body portion having wall portions of a radial extent greater than the aperture in the lever within which it is to be inserted for snugly retaining the connector to the pedal mounting lever, and including a number of axially extending slots permitting collaspe of the grooved portion toward the center to permit insertion through the aperture and released to their free state to snugly straddle the wall of the lever defining the aperture receiving the connector, the needle-nose shaped end providing a self-centering action to the connector regardless of the misalignment of the axis of the cable assembly with respect to the lever aperture due to accelerator pedal mounting lever geometry.

Self-centering connector for vehicle accelerator pedal mounting lever
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
December 15, 1986
Publication Date
April 19, 1988
Raymond Stocker
West Bloomfield
Clifford L Sadler
Robert E McCollum
Ford Motor Company
F16L 41/00
F16B 3/00
F16C 1/10
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