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In wall siding panels having vertical edge portions adapted to overlap, fasteners prevent the vertical joint so formed from bending or bulging outwardly. The panels have declinations and flat lengthwise, horizontal shoulders joining the declinations to resemble clapboard finishing. A female aperture is formed in each shoulder of one panel adjacent its vertical edge portion, and a male projection is formed in each shoulder of the other panel adjacent its vertical edge portion. When a pair of two longitudinally-spaced, oppositely-directed projections are provided, which are selectively used so as to permit panel overlapping in any order edge portions are overlapped, each projection elements have identical profiles.

Retaining fastener for paneling
Application Number
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March 3, 1987
Publication Date
April 12, 1988
Gaetan Bisson
111, de la Colline St. County of Levis
E04C 2/30
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