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A container lid is adapted to fit over the top or bottom of a liquid container, such as a paint can, and to form a seal with the top or bottom rolled outer rim of the container. The lid is provided with an outwardly extending flange in a central portion of the outer surface of the lid. A drip pan having integral side and bottom walls is provided with a groove in the upper surface of the bottom wall adapted to receive and seat the flange of the lid and to retain the lid in substantially fixed relationship with respect to the drip pan when the flange is received and seated in the groove.

Combination drip pan and container lid
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
July 14, 1981
Publication Date
March 29, 1988
Donald P Stein
Rte. 1, Box 432 Fall River Rd., Idaho Springs, 80452
William P O Meara
Bruce G Klaas
B65D 21/02
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