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The present invention relates to an injection method and apparatus for carrying out the method in a hot chamber type die casting machine for injecting and filling melting metal or so-called molten metal stored in a retaining furnace into a mold in a system of a thermally pressurizing chamber to cast and mold metal products, wherein brought into communication with a drawing-up cylindrical body stood upright with a lower opened end dipped into the retaining furnace is an injection cylindrical body with one opened end connected to a sprue of a mold to form a cross-shape sleeve, by which molten metal within the retaining furnace is drawn up outside the retaining furnace by a suction force, and the thus drawn-up molten metal is injected and filled into the mold by a pressing force.

Injection method in a hot chamber type die casting machine and injection apparatus for carrying the method
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November 25, 1986
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March 15, 1988
Akio Nakano
14-1, Ichikawaminami 3-chome, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba-ken
Popper Bobis & Jackson
B22D 17/04
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