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A medical instruments sterilization container (10) includes a housing (12) and a removable dome-shaped lid (14) having a filtered inlet port (18) disposed therethrough for permitting the passage of gas or steam into housing (12). A removable tray (16) is adapted to be disposed within housing (12) to hold various instruments to be sterilized and includes apertures (24) formed on the bottom of the tray for permitting condensate to drain therefrom. The bottom surface of housing (12) is sloped to two locations centered on opposite sides thereof and includes filtered outlet ports (40, 42) positioned at the two locations to permit discharged air and condensate to exit housing (12). Pedestals (30) are secured on the bottom surface of housing (12) to facilitate stacking of a plurality of sterilization containers.

Stackable medical instrument sterilizer container
Application Number
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Application Date
April 1, 1985
Publication Date
March 1, 1988
Robert L Nichols
808 Fort Worth, Jacksonville, 75766
Alan W Lintel
Jefferson Perkins
Jerry W Mills
B65D 51/16
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