04728499 is referenced by 72 patents and cites 16 patents.

A rapid response device for the detection of carbon dioxide in a concentration of more than 2% in a gas mixture comprising an indicator component mounted within an enclosure with a transparent window, the component comprising a carrier having fixedly attached thereto an indicating element formed from an aqueous solution of a colorless Lewis base, a hygroscropic, high boiling, transparent, colorless, water-miscible liquid and a pH-sensitive indicator, the enclosure being sealed for storage under a carbon-dioxide free atmosphere; and a method for determining the correct placement of an endotracheal catheter using the device.

Carbon dioxide indicator device
Application Number
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Application Date
August 13, 1986
Publication Date
March 1, 1988
Carl G Fehder
11 Millhouse La., Cherry Hill, 08003
G01N 33/52
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