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A magnetic-drive centrifugal pump comprises a driving motor, a pump shaft, an impeller, a rotor with a sleeve portion to which is connected the impeller, the rotor and impeller being rotatably mounted on the pump shaft, and a pump casing consisting of a front casing and a rear casing. The impeller is driven by a magnetic coupling formed by a driving magnet provided on a magnet holder connected to the driving motor and an impeller magnet provided in the rotor. The sleeve portion has an outer diameter smaller than an outer diameter of a main portion of the rotor. The rear casing has at a location opposite to the sleeve portion a first inner diameter enabling an outer circumference of the main portion of the rotor to slide therein, and at a location opposite to the main portion of the rotor a second inner diameter larger than the first inner diameter. One end of the pump shaft is journaled in a boss in an inlet of the front casing and the other end of the pump shaft is journaled in a rear wall of the rear casing. With this arrangement, the pump according to the invention is very easy to assemble and disassemble to facilitate its maintenance and inspection of parts.

Magnetic-drive centrifugal pump
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October 9, 1985
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February 2, 1988
Motoshige Mizuno
Parkhurst & Oliff
NGK Insulators
F01D 25/24
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