04722131 is referenced by 144 patents and cites 8 patents.

An air cushion shoe sole which is preferably blow molded of elastomeric material and has at least one cavity which in cross-section is substantially rectilinear. The cavity has a number of depressions and each cavity has an air valve for introducing a shock absorbing material, namely gas, liquid, or a combination thereof into that cavity. Each air valve has means in it for automatically bleeding off a portion of the shock absorbing material introduced into the cavity once the pressure of that material reaches a predetermined level.

Air cushion shoe sole
Application Number
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March 16, 1987
Publication Date
February 2, 1988
Ing Chung Huang
No. 15, Je Ho 1st Street, Kaohsiung
Holman & Stern
B32B 1/10
B29C 49/04
B29C 49/20
B29C 67/20
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