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When flocculating an aqueous suspension of suspended solids using a high molecular weight synthetic polymeric flocculant, the shear stability of the flocs is increased if the polymeric material includes polymeric particles of below 10 .mu.m dry size. The flocculated solids can therefore be subjected to shear without increasing the amount of discrete suspended solids in the aqueous medium and generally they are subjected to shear by shearing the aqueous medium containing them, either before dewatering, generally on a centrifuge, piston press or belt press, or by continuously agitating them, for instance in a chemical reaction medium. The polymeric material is generally formed by mixing into water polymeric particles made by reverse phase or emulsion polymerization in the presence of added cross linking agent. Alternatively, particles insolubilized by insoluble monomer may be used. A reverse phase dispersion of water soluble polymer may be used if the particles remain undissolved, e.g. if they are added in the absence of an oil in water emulsifying agent.

Flocculation processes
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April 23, 1986
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January 19, 1988
John R Field
West Yorkshire
David Farrar
West Yorkshire
Peter Flesher
West Yorkshire
Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen
Allied Colloids
C02F 1/56
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