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A steel U-shaped pair of gripping arms are formed from steel having the proper size and shape to fit over the end of a lamp bulb. The tips of the gripper arms are formed to fit the end of the bulb and the steel is then annealed to obtain the required spring characteristics. The tips of the gripping arms are covered with plastic to provide friction between the gripping arms and the bulb. A chain is attached between the arms with a second chain attached to its center. Pulling the second chain will close the gripping arms. A slot is provided to secure the second chain to hold the arms at any desired span. Extensions can be attached to the gripper arms when the device is used on high overhead lamps. The steel used in the gripper arms is thin to fit between the bulb and fixture when the bulb is mounted in deep fixtures.

Light bulb extractor
Application Number
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June 2, 1986
Publication Date
January 19, 1988
Roger D DuBois
12516 Genesee Ave., Apple Valley, 55124
Donald A Jacobson
B25B 13/50
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