04719655 is referenced by 14 patents and cites 17 patents.

An invalid lift and transfer device has two rigid cantilever frames, a first of which is caster supported for rolling along the ground and a second of which is supported on the first frame for vertical movement, which movement is actuated by a jack engaged therebetween. A patient sling is suspended between opposite sides of the second frame. The frames, in aggregate, define between them a space which at a rear end is open laterally and vertically sufficiently to accept a wheelchair, bed, toilet or other patient support and which at the forward end is open up to a height sufficient to permit the leg and foot supports of the wheelchair, with the patient's legs and feet thereon, to project therethrough forwardly of the frames.

Invalid transfer device
Application Number
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Application Date
September 2, 1986
Publication Date
January 19, 1988
S Brooks Dean
2021 Washington Blvd., Huntington, 25701
Nies Webner Kurz & Bergert
A61G 7/10
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