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A control system for a controlled vehicle has a steering wheel angle sensor, a vehicle speed sensor, a turning behavior sensor such as a side speed sensor and a yaw rate sensor, an actuator such as a hydraulic system for altering a rear wheel steer angle in accordance with a desired angle value, and a controller such as a microcomputer for determining the desired angle value by solving three distinct vehicle models. The controller first solves a reference model representing a desired vehicle to determine a desired vehicle response to the steering wheel angle and vehicle speed, and then solves a first actual model representing the actual controlled vehicle to determine the desired rear wheel steer angle value required to cause the controlled vehicle to produce the desired response. The controller further solves a second actual vehicle model representing the controlled vehicle to estimate the turning behavior resulting from the desired rear wheel steer angle, identifies front and rear wheel cornering powers of the second actual model by comparing the estimated and sensing turning behavior, and then adjusts the front and rear wheel cornering powers gradually in accordance with the result of the identification.

Model solving type vehicle steering control system with parameter identification
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December 8, 1986
Publication Date
January 12, 1988
Ken Ito
Taketosi Kawabe
Schwartz Jeffery Schwaab Mack Blumenthal & Evans
Nissan Motor
B62D 5/00
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