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A multi-color liquid crystal display includes liquid crystal micro-shutters which open and close filters arranged as dots in a mosaic or stripe pattern. Fine and clear color image display and color graphic display are realized in the device wherein the filters are within the LCD panel, being formed on one substrate and covered by the driving electrode. The circuitry for driving the display includes a driving circuit for receiving three primary color signals, and a color selection circuit for selecting sequentially for input to the driving circuit each one of the three primary color signals. The color selection circuit selects the three primary colors only once per horizontal scan of the picture elements. The circuitry for driving the display also includes an element selecting circuit for selecting the picture elements in sequence. The driving circuit applies selected color signals from the color selection circuit to driving electrodes of a corresponding color in the selected picture element. The element selecting circuit has timing signal inputs for timing signals to time the selection of picture elements in sequence for driving. The element selecting circuit may select the elements at different times so that successive selected elements of different colors are selected at successive times. The times may be selected, and the periods of selection may have a duration, so that successive elements are selected at times that partially overlap one another.

Liquid crystal display device
Application Number
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May 21, 1985
Publication Date
December 29, 1987
Shinji Morozumi
Blum Kaplan
Seiko Epson Kabushiki Kaisha
G09G 3/36
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