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A motor-driven garbage truck provided with a detachable garbage container equipped with releasable coupling elements, and also having permanently mounted thereon which includes a pouring chute in the forward portion, lifting and tipping apparatus for picking up a garbage can and discharging the contents thereof into the chute leading to a receiving space, and a conveying and compacting apparatus for transferring the garbage from the receiving space into the container through the receiving opening, which is provided with a closure is disclosed. The pouring unit is disposed in part above the driver's cab and in part between the cab and the container, the chute being disposed in a region extending behind and above the cab. The lifting and tipping apparatus includes at least one lifting arm, pivotally movable about a transverse pivot carried by the pouring unit or the chassis of the vehicle. The lifting arm carries at its free end a carrying rail, which is parallel to the tranverse pivot and pivotally movable between a pick-up position, in which the rail is disposed below and in front of the driver's cab, and a pouring position, in which the rail is disposed above and behind the cab. The rail is provided with a displaceable or pivotally movable, extensible coupling or gripping member for coupling to or gripping a garbage can placed on the street.

Motor-driven garbage truck comprising a detachable container
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May 14, 1985
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December 29, 1987
Fred I Smith
Palos Verdes Pen
Gustav D Edelhoff
Morgan & Finnegan
Edelhoff Polytechnik & Co
B65F 3/04
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