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A catheterization system is comprised of an anchoring pad permitting one-time attachment to a patient, a catheter, and a tubing adaptor. The catheter is mounted on the anchoring pad in order to prevent lateral or longitudinal movement with respect to the patient, thereby preventing injury. The tubing adaptor is connected to the catheter so as to absorb rotational forces applied to the adaptor by incidental movement in the IV tubing. The adaptor/catheter engagement is rendered secure against longitudinal removal forces by means of a spring-actuated latch extending distally from the adaptor and interengageable with a reduced diameter neck portion on the catheter. The anchoring pad is also provided with means for receiving the safety loop in the IV tubing. A method associated with this catheterization system is also disclosed.

Catheterization system
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November 8, 1985
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December 8, 1987
Steven F Bierman
143 Eighth St., Del Mar, 92014
Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear
A61M 5/00
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