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A sleeveless, preferably lined, apron of jacket length sewn together at the shoulders having a back panel of about the same length as the front panel with detachable multicolored two-dimensional cut out toys provided on the front so that the mother or babysitter can observe or actively participate in the baby's play involving detaching or reattaching these toys to the front of the apron. Exemplary multicolored toys in the form of two-dimensional detachable appliques are a butterfly, a kitten, a lion, a Noah's Ark, and the letters A, B & C. A toy may include a sounding device, such as a bell which is attached to the butterfly and cannot be detached by the infant. The Noah's Ark is attached by buttons fitting into buttonholes and these are manipulated by the child. The Letters A, B & C each differently colored, match outlines on the apron in the corresponding color, (blue for A, green for B, red for C) to attach by means of VELCRO fasteners (VELCRO is a hook and pile type fastener). A variety of detachment tasks which vary in difficulty are performed by the child while the mother monitors these tasks or may assist the infant in directing the infant to more difficult tasks. Attaching the letters A, B and C to the apron represent a task which can be performed by a six-month old infant and is comparable in principle to the task of attaching the detachable lion's head by the infant. Operating the zipper on the butterfly to uncover a mirror below the zipper is a task performed by an older infant and is of a different character. Manipulation skills involved by opening the zipper or unbuttoning buttons supplement color matching skills and provide a variety of activity which occupy the child and aid in the child's development.

Mothers apron or bib with detachable multicolored two-dimensional infant toys to aid supervised baby play
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September 5, 1986
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December 8, 1987
Kristine A Shupert
2334 W. Maple Dr., Union Mills, 46382
Rebecca L Bull
1228 Pennsylvania Ave., LaPorte, 46350
A A Saffitz
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