04706935 is referenced by 9 patents and cites 10 patents.

A machine for extracting an elongate work piece from a medium in which it is imbedded. The machine includes a vertical gripping plate in opposed gripping relating with an eccentrically pivoted gripper. These gripping elements are carried on a rigid frame adapted for attachment to the three point hitch lifting mechanism found on tractors. When the work piece is gripped between the gripping elements, lifting of the frame by means of the lifting mechanism of the tractor, will extract the work piece. Auxiliary lifting force may be provided with optional fluid power operated cylinders. Linkages may optionally be provided to remotely move the pivoted gripper into and out of gripping relation. The linkages may be operated manually or with a hydraulic or other power operated cylinder.

Post puller
Application Number
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Application Date
October 15, 1986
Publication Date
November 17, 1987
Gregory L Thompson
P.O. Box 266, Lowell, 32663
Charles A Bevelacqua
E21B 19/00
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