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A catheter is provided with a coil section at the distal end which is stretched initially into a generally linear insertion position for moving inwardly a vessel, such as a blood vessel, to an operative location at which the coil section is re-formed with a larger diameter, preferably in the form of a hollow conical scoop to scoop clot material from the blood vessel. The coil section is stretched into the general linear insertion configuration by an internal wire which may be removed leaving a hollow passageway in the tube which can be stiffened by the application of fluid pressure such as a liquid to stiffen the coils. This assists in pulling the clot material from the vessel as the elastomeric material of the coils slides across the blood vessel walls without damaging the same. The preferred embodiment has two separate wire members associated with the flexible elastomeric tube of the catheter.

Catheter with coiled tip
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May 2, 1985
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November 17, 1987
Harry P Weinrib
2644 W. Estes Ave., Chicago, 60645
Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery
A61M 25/00
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