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A system (90) controls a television receiver (126) to allow user selection of broadcast programs from schedule information. A data processor (110) is connected to receive the schedule information from an FM receiver (94), decoder (98) and data demodulator (102). A user remote control transmitter 116-remote receiver (118) combination supplies user selection inputs to the data processor (110). The data processor (110) selects programs from the schedule information based on the user inputs. The schedule information for the selected programs is stored in a memory (111), and is used by the data processor (110) to control a programmable TV tuner (132) to provide the broadcast signals for the selected programs to the TV receiver (126) at the time of broadcast. The system (90) can also be used to control a VCR (150) for unattended recording of the selected programs.

TV schedule system and process
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May 6, 1986
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November 10, 1987
Patrick Young
1496 Cherrywood Dr., San Mateo, 94403
Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert
H04N 7/08
H04N 7/093
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