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Adjusted gas compositions having two or more components in desired proportions for particular industrial uses are obtained from available feed gas mixtures accompanied by recovery of one or more valuable individual gases of high purity, by a novel selective adsorption-desorption scheme carried out in a multi-column PSA system. Following initial adsorption of one or more components from the feed gas mixture at high pressure the sorbate-laden column is subjected to a high pressure rinse using as rinse gas the previously recovered more strongly adsorbed species. After the rinsing step, the column is depressured to a selected level and purged with part of the unsorbed gas effluent discharged during the initial adsorption step until a preset amount of the earlier sorbed gas is recovered in the purge effluent as the readjusted binary gas mixture of desired proportions. As an example, there is disclosed the production from a starting gas mixture rich in hydrogen and carbon monoxide, such as that obtained from steam-methane reforming, an industrially useful gas mixture having a desired H.sub.2 /CO ratio with the accompanying individual recovery of high purity hydrogen and carbon monoxide as by-products.

Production of mixed gases of controlled composition by pressure swing adsorption
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February 12, 1987
Publication Date
November 10, 1987
Shivaji Sircar
W F Marsh
J C Simmons
G L Chase
Air Products and Chemicals
B01D 53/04
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