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A pager receiver for a radio calling signal carrying a call number and/or a message comprises a processing unit for producing a drive and an information signal to produce ordinary tone or tones related to the call number and to provide ordinary visual displays representative of the message, respectively. A processed signal is produced by the processing unit to provide extraordinary tones peculiar to a message-absent call, a message-present call, and a repeat call for repeatedly displaying a prior message. The processed signal also appears to provide extraordinary visual displays unique to the message-absent call. When the pager receiver has a plurality of preassigned call numbers, the processed signal is produced to provide such extraordinary displays inherent to each of the respective preassigned call numbers. In addition to the extraordinary displays of the preassigned call number, a plurality of messages are successively stored in a memory in a predetermined order to be successively displayed one by one. On reception of the repeat call, the predetermined order may be changed to keep the message related to the repeat call from being erasing from the memory even when the memory is full of message.

Pager receiver for giving at least one of extraordinary tones and extraordinary displays
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July 21, 1986
Publication Date
November 3, 1987
Yoshio Ichikawa
Yukio Sato
Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak and Seas
Nippon Electric
H04Q 1/00
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