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A method and apparatus for resecting a distal femoral surface in which an intramedullary rod is inserted through the distal surface of the femur and along the femoral shaft access, leaving a protruding end; a jig is attached to the protruding end, the jig having a shaft for receiving the rod end and a support plate attached to an end of the shaft and extending parallel to the rod; attaching a reference bar to the shaft, the bar having a pair of opposing flanges and a central opening which receives the shaft therethrough, and adjusting the bar on the shaft such that the flanges contact condylar apices of the femur; fixing the jig relative to the femur; attaching a cutting plate to the jig, the cutting plate having blade guides thereon, pivoting the cutting plate relative to the jig such that the blade guides make a predetermined angle with the rod, and securing the cutting plate to the jig; and inserting a saw blade through the blade guides to make a resection of the distal femoral surface. In the preferred embodiment, the shaft includes a plurality of bores along its length, each sized to receive the rod therethrough so that the distance between the rod and the support plate may be adjusted to accept different sized anterior femur portions. Also in the preferred embodiment, the apparatus includes a plurality of guide bars, each sized to space the blade guides a predetermined distance from the condylar apices.

Method and apparatus for resecting a distal femoral surface
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March 27, 1986
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November 3, 1987
Kenneth P Pohl
5692 Far Hills Ave., Dayton, 45429
Biebel French & Nauman
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