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An athletic shoe system for running disciplines and a process for emitting and/or exchanging information concerning movement factors of running disciplines enabling the athlete to always be sufficiently informed regarding his/her training program that is in progress or completed. In particular, in an area of the sole that is less stressed during use, at least one free space is provided where a transmitter is housed which, via a sensor provided in the sole, can emit at least one output signal. In accordance with preferred embodiments, a transmitter in a first shoe of a pair of shoes receives the signals from the sensor and transmits emissions in correspondence with their receipt. The transmitted emissions are received by a remote receiver, that is linked with a computer, and the remote receiver receives the transmitted emissions directly from the transmitter of the first shoe and indirectly via a receiver and transmitter of a second shoe of the pair. The computer determines the distance between the first and second shoes, on the basis of the delay between receipt by the remote receiver of the directly and indirectly received emissions, as well as other characteristic values related to stride rate or length.

Athletic shoe for running disciplines and a process for providing information and/or for exchanging information concerning moving sequences in running disciplines
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February 13, 1985
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October 27, 1987
Armin A Dassler
Sixbey Friedman & Leedom
PUMA Rudolf Dassler Sport
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G01C 22/00
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