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A high gradient magnet is disclosed having a coil of superconducting material immersed in liquid helium in a toroidal shaped liquid helium vessel, supported in axial spaced concentric relation to a toroidal shaped liquid nitrogen vessel which forms one end of a toroidal heat shield made of high heat conductive material in which the liquid helium chamber is supported by a first coil support ring and a second coil support ring. The heat shield and liquid helium chamber are in turn supported in a toroidal shaped vacuum chamber which is in turn supported in a heavy iron cylindrical enclosure closed at the ends and having an opening through the center of its ends. A slurry containing iron particles may pass through the opening in the center whereby the iron particles from the slurry are retained by a matrix. The first coil support ring has two ends supported on the vacuum vessel and an intermediate part. The second coil support ring has two ends supported on the liquid helium chamber and an intermediate part connected to the intermediate part of the first coil support ring so that the liquid helium vessel is supported in spaced relation to the heat shield and in spaced relation to the liquid nitrogen vessel. A bipolar power supply is provided for the superconductor magnet whereby the magnet is magnetized and demagnetized in fast ramp fashion.

Superconductor high gradient magnetic separator
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December 24, 1984
Publication Date
October 27, 1987
John R Purcell
San Diego
Jerry A Selvaggi
Dale R Lovercheck
Wayne L Lovercheck
Charles L Lovercheck
Eriez Manufacturing Company
H02H 7/00
B03C 1/02
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